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DD Free Dish India Most Important DTH Plateforme it's Not only Free services or Free of Monthly Subscription Charges but very popular so many person's asked many Questions some as bellows Question and answers.  

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Question 1 : What is DD Free Dish?

Answers : DD Free Dish is India's first and one and only Free-to-Air (FTA) Direct-To-Home (DTH) Service from Prasar Bharati.

Question 2 : What is Free-to-Air (FTA) DTH?

Answers : Regularly all around the world DTH administrators charge actuation charges as well as month to month membership charges relying on the channels/Bouquet to be seen by supporter. DD Free Dish is an extraordinary Free-to-Air (FTA) DTH stage in which the endorser isn't charged any enactment and month to month membership charges.

Question 3 : When was the DD Free Dish administration began?

Answers : DD Free Dish is an endorsed plan of the Government of India being embedded through Prasar Bharati. The Cabinet endorsement of the plan was acquired on 19.11.2003. DD Free Dish administration was officially initiated by Honorable Prime Minister of India on 16.12.2004.

Question 4  : What is the limit of DD Free Dish?

Answers : DD Free Dish as of now has 161 TV channels out of which 20 TVchannels are in MPEG-4 stream and staying in MPEG 2. It additionally has 48 Radio channels.

Question 5 : What is the scope of DD Free Dish?

Answers : DD Free is accessible all through the nation besides in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It comes to even to those spots where Terrestrial or satellite TV isn't accessible like line, remote and ancestral regions.

 A different 10 direct DTH administration in C-Band has been given by Prasar Bharati solely to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is additionally Free-To-Air.

 According to 2019 market gauges, 3.80Crore Households watch DD Free Dish.

Question 6 : What are the upsides of DD Free Dish over link association?

Answers : DD Free Dish guarantees incredible Picture Quality for every one of the directs in the bouquet. There is no middle person as one gets the signs straightforwardly from the telecasters. There are no repetitive charges to be paid by endorsers of view any of the projects. Dissimilar to other private DTH administrators, DD Free Dish is free for life time and charges no month to month or yearly membership expense from the watchers for complete bunch of the DD Free Dish channels. To see channels of DD Free Dish stage, you need to purchase a DD Free Dish Set Top Box and dish with adornments which can be got from open market .The total set might be approx Rs. 2000/ - relying upon the sort of Set-Top-Box. The total DD Free Dish Receive System comprises of a Set-Top-Box, little estimated Dish Antenna LNBC, RF link and different embellishments.

Question 7 : Will DD Free Dish signal be accessible in far off towns, where no TV tower is introduced?

Answers : Indeed, the DD Free Dish signal is made accessible through satellite and requires no pinnacle or link for its dispersion.

Question 8 : What is the organization of DD Free Dish bouquet?

Answers : DD Free Dish bouquet has a rich bunch of Doordarshan TV channels, Private TV Channels, Educational channels and Radio channels of All India Radio. There are around 40 DD Channels, 70 Private channels and 51 Educational channels.

Question 9 : Can DD Free Dish be seen without separating existing link association?

Answers : The greater part of the TVs have different AV or HDMI input mode. Link association can be seen in one AV or HDMI input mode and DTH diverts can be seen in another AV or HDMI input Mode by picking the AV choice from the remote of your TV set. DTH channels can be changed utilizing TV STB controller.

Question  10 : When the Dish &Set Top Box are introduced, will it be feasible to get all channels or I need to pay to see Private TV channels?

Answers : DD Free Dish stage is free and watchers are not expected to pay to see any channels of DD Free Dish stage including private TV channels. The diverts accessible in the bouquet can be gotten once the get hardware is introduced.

Question 11 : If there are more than one TV set in one house; will all TV sets require separate STBs/Dishes to get DD Free Dish?

Answers : Indeed, for every TV, a different STB will be required.

Question  12 : If one moves his home or moves to another city, could he at any point keep on utilizing a similar STB and the Dish to get DD Free Dish?

Answers : Indeed, one can convey the gear anyplace in India and keep on appreciating DD Free Dish subsequent to introducing the dish at the new area through a neighborhood installer.

Question  13 : Will the gathering be impacted by downpours/snowfall?

Answers : However arrangement exists to take care that the sign remaining parts solid during downpours/snowfall, yet weighty downpours might result into brief blackout in the DTH signal.

Question 14 : Where might the Dish at any point be introduced?

Answers : Dish can be introduced on the roof or on the divider surface confronting clear south. Watchers can take help of neighborhood installers who do establishments on chargeable premise.

Question  15 : Are any Audio (Radio) directs likewise accessible in DD Free Dish?

Answers : Indeed, at present there are 48 Radio directs accessible in the bouquet.

Question  16 : Is Prasar Bharati showcasing/selling/naming vendors for the Receive Equipment?

Answers : No. Prasar Bharati advertises no DD Free Dish STB straightforwardly. DD Free Dish STB and related gear is promptly accessible in any nearby open market. These are likewise accessible all the major internet based e-market stage. Prasar Bharati likewise has empanelled 09 STB producers to make and sell DD Free Dish approved STBs. The contact subtleties of these producers are accessible on site,

Geo-finder for DD Free Dish STB sellers is likewise accessible on working with individuals to know where DD Free Dish STBs are accessible in their town or close by region.

For subtleties helpline number 011-25806200 can be reached.

Question 17 : Membership Fee and so forth.?

Answers : It is explained that no membership expense is expected to be paid to anyone for getting the DD Free Dish signal. The help is absolutely free and the main consumption included is on one time acquisition of Receive Equipment, which is accessible in the open market on ostensible expense.

Question 18 : What is the expense of the Receive Equipment for DD Free Dish?

Answers : The characteristic cost of a Receive System (comprising of Set Top Box, Dish Antenna, LNB , link and other related embellishments) might be under Rs.2000.It may anyway fluctuate with the make of hardware and will likewise rely on the neighborhood charges/winning custom obligation, and so forth.

Question 19 : What are the things of get hardware of DD Free Dish?

Answers : The get hardware of DD free Dish contains following gear/frill:

I) Dish Antenna.

ii) Set-Top-Box with remote.

iii) RF Cable (to interface Set-Top-Box and Dish Antenna).

Question 20 : Could the get System be introduced by the watcher himself?

Answers : Itemized system for establishment is given in the site. In any case, taking the assistance of talented specialized individual for the establishment of the system is fitting.

Question 21 : What are the channels accessible on the DD FREE DISH stage?

Answers : DD Free Dish bouquet has a rich blend of Doordarshan TV Channels, Parliament TV channels, Private TV Channels and Educational TV channels. Well known General Entertainment, News, Music, Movies Devotional Regional TV Channels are essential for the Private TV station bouquet. Moreover, there are 48 radio channels of Akashvani. The subtleties of the channel list as of now on DD Free Dish is accessible on the site,

Question 22 : Are you offering any benefit added administration like Internet and so on over your DTH stage?

Answers : No, by and by no such assistance is being given.

Question 23 : Direct name in TV channel list is unique in relation to the Actual TV program shown? all things considered how will I respond ?

Answers : In FTA STBs the adjustment of program (TV channel) is identified yet the difference in name of channel isn't put away consequently. In such cases, the necessary difference in data can be put away by re-examining the STB.

Question 24 : How to refresh the progressions in TV channel tuning physically?

Answers : The technique to refresh the progressions in program name shifts from one make to another of STBs. Follow the method referenced in the establishment manual provided alongside the STB. Be that as it may, as wide rules the means included are as demonstrated in the model given hereunder:


Model 1.

Following are the means to be followed to sweep or look through the channels on DD Free Dish DTH


Press 'Menu' Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set-Top-Box

Go to 'Establishment' or 'Arrangement Program'

Fill the subtleties as beneath

'Satellite'              GSAT-15

'T P

Frequency'         11090 MHz


Frequency'         09750 MHz

'Image rate'        2

9500 Ksps

'Polarization'      V

'22K' OFF              OFF

'Search mode'   FTA

'Circle. Equal'.    Off


In the wake of filling the above values go to 'Look' Press 'alright'

The new TV and Radio administrations will be shown.

For different frequencies and related boundaries allude to table beneath.

Note:- The previously mentioned advances might be in various request in a portion of the STBs. In the event that there is any trouble, watchers are encouraged to contact the closest STB seller.

The different transponder recurrence, LNB recurrence, image rate and so forth expected to tune to the STBs for every one of the diverts accessible in the DD Free Dish are summed up as beneath: -


No.         Transponder Frequency (MHz)  Polarization        Symbol Rate (Ksps)         FEC         LNB Frequency (MHz)    22K         Disc. Equivalent

1.            11090    V             29500    3/4         09750    OFF        OFF

2.            11170    V             29500    3/4         09750    OFF        OFF

3.            11470    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF

4.            11510    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF

5.            11550    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF

6.            11630    H             30000    3/5         10600    OFF        OFF

7.            11550    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF

8.            11670    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF

9.            11590    V             29500    3/4         10600    OFF        OFF


Question 25 : How to erase TV divert program in STB physically?

Answers : The method to erase TV Channel program in the TV channel list differs from

make to make of STBs. Follow the technique referenced in the establishment manual provided

alongside the STB.

Model 2.

Following are the means to be followed to erase directs in TV channel list.

Go to 'Alter Program'

Select-'Erase Option'

Select the channel, spending down key.

Press 'alright'

Kindly Note: Some minimal expense Set Top Boxes having restricted capacity limit may not store all

the channels, so watchers having such boxes are encouraged to erase the pre-put away channels

utilizing "Erase Option" in "Alter Program Menu" prior to going for AUTO SCAN Option for

returning their Set Top Boxes. For Manual/Auto check is expected to choose FREE/FTA

channels as it were.


Question 26 : I) How private TV channels are put on DD Free Dish? I) Addition of a portion of a portion of the channels on DD Free Dish like-Kids, sports, Bengali, Tamil. ii) How private TV channels are put DD Free Dish: iii) Availability of some of paid channels like-colors, star besides, Star Sports and so on?

Answers : Prasar Bharati assigns opening on DD Free Dish toprivate TV channels through a serious

furthermore, straightforward course of e-closeout on yearly premise.

Any private TV channel,permitted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, may take part in the e-closeout designation process and submit bid to get an opening dispensed for conveying the channel on DD Free Dish. The assignment is finished each year in turn.

Thus, just private TV diverts which take an interest in offering process stay effective bidders are displayed on DD Free Dish. Kids, sports, Bengali &Tamil or whatever other channel which are allowed from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting , Govt of India are allowed to take an interest in sale to come on DD Free Dish.


Question 27 : Is it conceivable to refresh most recent channels list on telephone through SMS?

Answers : This office is by and by not accessible in DD Free Dish. The refreshed channels list stays accessible on site

Question 28 : How to buy DD Free Dish STB and get it introduced Or Is Prasar Bharati advertising/selling/selecting vendors for the Receive Equipment?

Answers : Please Click for buy DD Free Dish Set-Top Box List.

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