67th E-Auction Results of DD Free Dish | MPEG-2 Slots 67 Auction Results


67th E-Auction Results of DD Free Dish Day by Day

About 67th auction 

This 67th E-auction is for allotment of vacant MPEG-2 slots of DD Free Dish for the Platform period from 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2024

Prasar Bharati has mopped up Rs 1073 from the sale of 65 MPEG-2 65 slots on DD FreeDish.  
67th E-Auction Results of DD Free Dish | MPEG-2 Slots 67 Auction Results

Types of TV Channels

BUCKET A+ GEC (Hindi) Channels : a
BUCKET A a. Movie (Hindi) Channels
         b. Teleshopping channels (All languages)
BUCKET B a. Music (Hindi) Channels,
         b. Sports (Hindi) Channels,
         c. All channels of Bhojpuri language
BUCKET C News & Current Affairs (Hindi) channels

BUCKET D a. All other remaining Genre of Hindi
         b. Devotional/Spiritual/Ayush
         c. All Genres of Marathi, Punjabi & Urdu channels
         d. News & Current Affairs (English) Channels

Bucket R1 *This bucket is for all channels in Languages not covered above

* If a particular Indian language is represented on DD Free Dish by any channel(s) under Bucket
R1 for 02 years continuously then that concerned language shall be deemed as represented and it
shall be shifted from Bucket R1 to Bucket D from next year

E-Auction Conduct in 7 Rounds per Day 1 round

Round-1, Results

Day-1 of Round 1 in 13 March 2023 due to technical reason Round 1 DD Free Dish E-Action Not Conduct.

Rounts-2, Results

Day-2 of Round-2 in 14 March 2023 11 TV Won the Slots, Prasar Bharati collects 191 core on Day-2 in 11 TV slots 
1, The Q
2, Dangal TV
3, Shemaroo TV
4, Maniranjan Grand
5, Manoranjan TV
6, Big Magic
7, Star Utsav Movies
8, B4U Kadak
9, B4U Movies
10, Colors Ristey Cineplax Superhit
11, Dhamaka Movies B4U

Round-3, Results

Day-3 of Round-3 in 15 March 2023 6 TV Won the Slots, According to industry sources, who were also the part of bidding process, the last slot in Bucket A category (Movies genre) set a record of sorts, with Zee Anmol Cinema paying Rs 24.05 crore.The highest price, Rs 21.2 crore, in this category was paid by Zee Bsikope so far

12, Zee Anmol Cinema
13, Sports18 khel
14, MTV Beats
15, Zee Biskope

16, Mastii 

17, Zee Ganga 

Round-4, Results

Day-4 of Round-4 in 16 March 2023 6 TV Won the SlotsOn the fourth day of the e-auction for DD Free Dish MPEG-2 slots on Thursday, Prasar Bharati collected Rs 116.9 crore for seven slots. So far, the pubcaster has collected Rs 407.95 crore from the sale of 23 slots.

According to sources, under Bucket B category, which comprises music, sports and Bhojpuri language channels, the last two slots were picked by Zee Ganga for Rs 16.65 crore and Zing for Rs 17.20 crore.
As reported earlier by exchange4media, News18 bought the first slot for Rs 19.85 crore, Republic Bharat secured the second one for Rs 16.55 crore, TV9 took the third slot for Rs 14.55 crore, Zee News bought the fourth slot for Rs 15.5 crore and NDTV bought the slot for Rs 16.55 crore. 

18, News18
19, Republic Bharat
20, TV9 Bharatvarsh 
21, Zee News
22, NDTV India
23, Zing
24, ABP News

Round -5, Results

Day-5 of Round-5 in 17 March 2023 
According to sources, Sources close to the development confirmed six channels that picked up the slots were Zee Chitramandir (Rs 13.40 crore), Zee Punjabi (Rs 12.45 crore), Fakt Marathi (Rs 12.65 crore), Shemaroo MarathiBana (Rs 13 crore), Manoranjan Movies for Rs (13.4 crore), Sanskar TV (Rs 14.6 crore) and Sun Marathi.. 
25, Zee Chitaramandir
26, Zee Punjabi
27, Fakth Marathi
28, Sanskar TV
29, Shemaroo Marathibana
30, Sun Marathi
31, Manoranjan Movies
32, Pop Corn Movies 

Round-6, Results

Day-6 of Round-6 in 18 March 2023, 15 TV Channels Winning Slots The channels that secured slots in round 2 were Sony Wah (Rs 20.25 crore), Star Gold Thrill (Rs 17.85 crore), Colors Cineplex Bollywood (Rs 17.5 crore), Shemaroo Ashirwad (Rs 17 crore), Dangal 2 (Rs 16.8 crore), Shemaroo Umang (Rs 16.65 crore), Nazara (Rs 16.6 crore), Manoranjan Prime (Rs 16.7 crore), Goldmine Bollywood (Rs 16.7 crore).

The channels that picked up slots in round 3 were Aastha Channel (Rs 15.05 crore),  B4U Bhojpuri (Rs 15.05 crore), Bhojpuri Cinema (Rs 15.1 crore), Aaj Tak (Rs 15.1 crore), 9XM (Rs 15.2 crore) and Movie Plus (Rs 15.2 crore).

33, Sony Wah
34, Colors Cineplex Bollywood
35, Dangal 2
36, Nazara TV ( New Channel)
37, Shemaroo Ashirwad ( New Channel)
38, Star Gold Thrills ( New Channel)
39, Shemaroo Umang
40, Manoranjan Prime
41, Goldmines Bollywood
42, Aastha TV
43, B4U Bhojpuri
44, Bhojpuri Cinema
45, Aaj Tak
46, 9XM
47, Movies Plus

Round-7, Results

Day-7 of Round-7 in 19 March 2023 10 TV Channels Winning MPEG-2 Slots in DD Free Dish Ishara (Rs 16.75 crore), Goldmines (Rs 16.9 crore) and B4U Music (Rs 17.05 crore). 

The channels that picked up slots in round 3 were Showbox (Rs 17.05 crore), Dil Se (Rs 17.05 crore), Filmachi (Rs 16.7 crore), Goldmines (Rs 15 crore), Times Navbharat (Rs 15.15 crore), another slot by Goldmines (Rs 15.35 crore), News Nation (Rs 15.05 crore)

48, Times Now Navbharat
49, Enter10
50, Show Box
51, Filmchi Bhojpuri
52, Ishara TV
53, B4U Music
54, Goldmines
55, Goldmines Bhojpuri 
56, News Nation
57, MH1 Dil se 

Others Update soon.

Round-8, Results

Day-8 of Round-8 in 20 March 2023 here 8 more TV Channels Winning MPEG-2 Slots.
58, Good News Today
59, India News
60, Bharat24 
61, ABZY Cool
62, Bflix 
63, Zee Hindustan 
64, Dinchaak 2
65, Bharat Express 

Others Update soon.

Friends Extra two TV Channels
Star sports Frist & Popular TV is also be added but not confirm.

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