229 TV channels added to DD Free Dish

229 TV channels added to DD Free Dish

229 TV channels added to DD Free Dish

Today I have come with a news, today not one or two but 229 TV channels have been added on DD Free DTH, see all of them, this is an educational channel, its TP is written below and the names of these channels are They are also written further, I want to show you friends, all these channels are connected today, but no programs have been started on them, so they are also showing only color bar as you can see on the TV screen. But friends can see in the image that all these channels are Vande Gujarat TV, DD Sala and DD E Vidya channels. In this way, the total educational program channels on DD Free DTH have become 302, that is, 302 channels are of DD Free DTH.

  And which are 51 channels, there are some channels in this, which are free of cost, and there are channels of Doordarshan, which are programs and movies, all of which are less channels, these are 139 channels and Dish TV has 27 channels. In this way to get all channels 446 yes friends if you have MPEG-4 setup box then now you have about 446 TV channels out of 450 will appear on your setup box if you have MPEG-4 set top box box So you can check all these channels you will get to watch from today but right now color bar show is happening on them around 200 - 250 channels are connected today channels are connected on 7th June 2023 and on The color bar is sleeping, but soon the programs will start on them, that is to say, when the programs start on them, then these channels are connected in MPEG-4, 40-40 channels are connected on each TV, this TV you It is written below, if you scan it, then this channel will also be added to you, so friends, when all these channels will be added, then after this, the number of channels which are of their own use will also increase gradually and may be we To see more good channels in the future, if you get DD Free DTH pay, then friends, you can check all the channels that are tipi sleeping.

  TP name and frequency all friends if you are not getting this channel then you scan the set box and enjoy DD free dish and our side which is

Full Tp of Educational TV Channel in DD Free dish

11550 H 29500 ( DD Vande Gujrat 1 to 16 & DD Digishala 1 to 6 )
11630 H 29500 ( DD Swayam Prabha 1 to 22 & DD Digishala 7 to 24 )
11670 H 29500 ( DD Digishala 25 to 64 )
10970 V 29500 ( DD PM e-Vidihaya 1 to 10 )
11010 V 29500 ( DD PM e-Vidhaya 41 to 80 )
11130 V 29500 ( DD PM e-Vidhaya 81 to 120 )
11590 V 29500 ( DD PM e-Vidhaya 121 to 160 )
11670 V 29500 ( DD PM e-Vidhaya 161 to 200 )

As soon as any update dd free dth today 229 tv channels are added but it is all educational and all pay colors bar show is happening in this way apart from 229 channel and old all tv channel list of all educational programs together which is She is 302.

Total Educational TV Channels

DD Vande Gujrat ( 16 TV Channels )

DD Swayam Prabha ( 22 TV Channels )

DD Digishala ( 64 TV Channels )

DD PM e-Vidihaya ( 200 TV Channels )

302 Educational TV Channel

95 MPEG-2 DD Free Dish Programs TV Channels

22 MPEG-4 DD Free Dish Programs TV Channels

27 Dish TV Free to Air TV Channels

 Total 446 TV Channels in DD Free dish

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