DD Free Dish 75th e-auction 6th Annual of MPEG-2 slots

DD Free Dish 6th Annual 75th e-auction of MPEG-2 slots

DD Free Dish 75th e-auction 6th Annual of MPEG-2 slots

Time Period:-  Notice Inviting Applications for Allotment of Vacant MPEG-2 Slots
of DD Free Dish Platform for the Period from 01.04.2024 to 31.03.2025.

Prasar Bharati invites applications for allotment of vacant MPEG-2 slots of DD Free
Dish DTH Platform for the period from 01.04.2024 to 31.03.2025 through 6th Annual
(75th) online e- auction process to be tentatively held from 19™ February 2024.

The e-auction will be conducted in accordance with E-auction Methodology for
allotment of DD Free Dish slots to private TV channels, notified by Prasar Bharati on
27.01.2023 and subsequent Amendment Dated 13.12.2023 which are available on the
Prasar Bharati website, http://prasarbharati.gov.in.

Only satellite channels licensed by the Ministry of I&B would be allowed to
participate in the e-auction. Only companies holding valid permission from Ministry
of 1 & B can apply for participation in e-auction for allocation of DD Free Dish slot.

International Public Broadcasters licensed by the Ministry of I & B can also participate
in e-auction.

Categorization of TV channels in different buckets in accordance with genres and
language of channel for the allotment period will be as below:

6. No. Bucket Genre / Language

l. Bucket A+ GEC (Hindi / Urdu) Channels

2. Bucket A Movie (Hindi / Urdu) Channels

3. Bucket B
a. Music (Hindi / Urdu) Channels
b. Sports (Hindi / Urdu) Channels
c. All Channels of Bhojpuri Language
d. All other remaining Genre of Hindi / Urdu
4. Bucket C News & Current Affairs (Hindi / Urdu) Channels

5. Bucket D 
a. Devotional / Spiritual / Ayush
b. All Genres of Marathi & Punjabi Channels
c. News & Current Affairs (English) Channels

6. Bucket R1
This bucket is for all Channels
in languages” not covered above

*If a particular Indian language is represented on DD Free Dish by any channel(s) under
Bucket RI for 02 years continuously then that concerned language shall be deemed as
represented and it shall be shifted from Bucket RI to Bucket D from next year.

6. Broadcasters desirous of allotment of slot on DD Free Dish are required to provide

clear and unambiguous proof in support of genre and language classification of their
channel. In case of lack of clarity, ambiguity or conflicting information, applications
will be deemed ineligible and may be summarily rejected. For details please refer
checklist of documents provided with the application form. Such declaration for
Genre and Language classification should be in accordance to the current norms and
as specified in the Table 1 of point 5 above. Further, the Channel shall contain content
predominantly of Genre and Language as declared at the time of e-Auction

6.1 ‘Predominantly means, 75 percent of content telecast on channel shall be in
Genre and Language (audio), as declared by applicant Channel Provider at the time
of e-auction, excluding the limit of advertisements / promos on the channel as
prescribed under rule (7) sub-rule (ii) of Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act,
1995 across a month.

This means that the content of declared Genre and Language of a Channel shall not
be less than 60 percent of the entire content of the channel in a month.

The Reserve Price for MPEG-2 slots for the commencement of e-auction for different
Buckets shall be as under:

a. Round 1

Starting Reserve Price
(in INR)




Round No.

Round 1 (Bucket A+)
Round 1 (Bucket A)
Round 1 (Bucket B)
Round 1 (Bucket C)

Round 1 (Bucket D)
Round 1 (Bucket R1)

b. Remaining Rounds

Round No. Bucket Pics Buckets 
(in INR) Eligible to Bid Not Eligible to Bid
Round 2 (Bucket A+) Rs.16,00,00,000/- | A+, A, B, C, D, R1 ----
Round 3 (Bucket A) Rs.13,00,00,000/-| A,B,C,D,Rl At
Round 4 (Bucket B) Rs.11,00,00,000/- B,C,D,R1 At+,A
Round 5 (Bucket C) Rs.8,00,00,000/- C,D,R1 A+, A,B
Round 6 (Bucket D) Rs.7,00,00,000/- D,R1 A+, A,B,C
Round 7 (Bucket R1) Rs.4,00,00,000/- Rl A+, A,B,C, D

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